Dressed for Success :-)

A True Journey of Hope and Success.

All Better!


February 20, 2000

I have not continued to update Syl's site on a regular basis as there have been few agility trials since late October when she was awarded her JWW title. We went to FL in January, where she had lovely runs in Open JWW, but I caused her to NQ each time with wrong signals--she did exactly as I directed, unfortunately, I directed her over the wrong jumps! Thank goodness she's patient with me! After the trials, we took several days and spent some time on the beach where she loves to run and swim. She is strong and healthy and I'm truly grateful to have participated in this recovery.

As Spring approaches, we are getting ready for upcoming trials and we are working on tracking, as well. The dog walk and teeter are intermittant problems, as they have always been. Whether we work over them or not, is not as important as what we have achieved to date. Just to watch her run and play and to be able to have fun training and running with her, makes my day, each and every day. And yet, as I've said before....I'm putting no limits on what we can yet achieve together!


Dressed for success in her best Sunday Bonnet

SUCCESS!!!!! The last step in her recovery, April 30th, 2000

Since Sylvia's recovery from wobblers, she has only intermittently done the teeter and not done the dog walk at all in practice or at trials. With two legs in Open, I was beginning to think we should sit back and enjoy it as that's as far as we might get. She was the last dog of the day today and they announced it, so that everyone was watching. She started off by doing the teeter! I was thrilled with that accomplishment! But then she surprised all of us. She started up the dogwalk, crouched down (the whole place was SILENT--I think we were all holding our breath), and completed the dog walk and finished her run with panache!!!!! The whole place went up with a roar and people ran over with treat bags for her to bury her goofy head in! Her 'butt in the air' routine on the table cost us the time, but I couldn't have cared less!!!! (Did I mention that just before this Open Standard run, she got her first Open JWW leg with FOURTH PLACE finish on a difficult course? )


May 13, 2001

I have been terribly remiss in updating Sylvia's site, but it's due to the fact that there has been nothing new to add. She continues to play hard in agility and I am considering putting her back in obedience. We'll start tracking again in the Fall as our tracking instructor has moved to an area where it will be easier to lay tracks. At the end of September, Sylvia, Mo and I will be going to the Doberman Pinscher National Convention to compete in agility and obedience and to raise money for Rescue. Currently, she has become a Therapy Dog for the only Geriatric Hospital in the country and enjoys dressing the part of NURSE SYLVIA.



Doberman National Agility Trial

While Sylvia did not have any qualifying runs at the National, you can see by the look on her face, that she was truly enjoying herself. I'm grateful to Cindy Noland for capturing her joy!

Thank You for taking this Journey with Syl and me and I hope for those of you who need assistance on your own companion’s Wobbler Journey, that you will contact me if you need any questions answered. I will do my best to help you.

Christy Waehner , Atlanta, GA.

Email: SylllySyl@aol.com


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