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The Journey

A True Journey of Hope and Success.


The Journey back........Long and Strong......


Sylvia---May, 1999

Wobbler Recovery Update: May 25, 1999

Sylvia was in for her 6 week check up on May 17th. She waltzed in with her tail wagging, ready to greet everyone. Initially, she was panicked by the floors in the examination rooms, and rubber backed rugs were put down before we would go in. Today, she didn't use the rug at all. At the last visit, I watched her move off and on the rug, needing a touch of security occasionally, but not this time. She now looked at it with disdain, as if she simply had no need for it any longer.

Dr Connolly thought she looked great, no need for any acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments, no tense muscles; she was sure-footed and best of all, she was letting us know how great she felt. She wiggled all over in her happiness and freedom.

Yesterday, I was watching her fly around the yard when I suddenly realized what I was watching! This was the old Sylvia in the way she negotiated shrubs, made sharp turns and jumped over small bushes!! It was all so natural,that it took me a minute to realize fully what I was watching.

As for Mo, he couldn't be happier--his pal is finally back, nearly as strong and ready to play as ever. It's interesting to have watched the gradual way in which she accepted her recovery. Syl never seemed to rush it along. At first, she avoided Mo when he play bowed, sometimes running to me for safety. Then SHE began to play bow, as her confidence in her body returned, but she seemed to know that her strength was not there and would still run to me to avoid Mo. Little by little over the months she would do a little playing until she this week, when she has begun wrestling him to the ground, face-fighting, getting up on her back legs on him, and chasing him hard and fast. It is a joy to watch. I have always enjoyed this, but now, it's even more beautiful.


As the healing progressed and her body was once again strong, her confidence returned, as did her willingness to play with Mo.



Wobbler Recovery Update, June 8 1999:

Sylvia returned to agility tonight!!!! What a happy night!!!!!!! And with

STYLE, as is her custom in whatever she does!!!! I had taken her along to 4 trials this Spring in which Mo was entered and she, (of course) was not. The first three were fine. She was perfectly content to socialize and visit her 'fans' and schmooze treats from people. But, the last trial was different. I can only say that I sensed something different, that she wanted more than visiting, she wanted to be back in the ring. I felt this strongly.

In the 2 weeks since then, she has returned to full strength in her play with Mo, she has not slipped on the hardwood floors at all and is generally as strong as I've ever seen her. I decided the time was right.

Tonight was Mo's agility night. He doesn't enjoy the heat, so I had decided that we would only work half the class until cooler weather, which left a perfect opportunity for Syl to make her return debut. She has 2 legs in Open agility, so this class is not as advanced as the one she left back in December, which made it perfect.

We came in at the second half and she was SO excited. It was a small jump sequence and dogs were having trouble as they had to work away from the handler. I sent her out.....jump, jump, jump, into a tunnel--perfect. You would never have known that physical instability had kept her out class for SIX MONTHS! I ran her over the low dog walk--this (and the teeter) have been intermittent problems for her. It was only last Fall that we had worked through the most recent problems. Tonight, she was up and over it--cautious, but not fearful. And she was having a ball!!!!

The next sequence took us over the jumps, through 2 tunnels and over the small teeter. She was fast, confident, and happy. As I put her lead back on, she grabbed it and tugged and barked at me for more. We stopped at that point and went outside to run through the weave poles--she was fast and happy!

We will continue to work a half class weekly from now until Fall and then get back into the full classes in time for the Fall trials and the Doberman National in Boston!


Any questions so far? PLEASE feel free to email me at: SylllySyl@aol.com


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