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Implant Day

A True Journey of Hope and Success.


Implant Day...

We were the first dog to have the implants at the seminar of holistic veterinarians. After Dr Durkes examined her and explained what he was going do, Dr C and the vet techs took her out to be shaved. We gave her a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy and I held her as they sedated her and began shaving her from just below the ears to the top of her shoulders. She was then put on a stretcher and taken in for the implants.

Six gold beads were inplanted at acupuncture points along each side of her neck. The points are actually holes in the muscle and the beads will not move or slide around. Dr Durkes explained that it is common to have bleeding when doing acupuncture as well as when doing the implants as it signals a release of energy in the affected areas.

Once implanted, she was taken back into the recovery room, covered with a quilt and given more Rescue Remedy. One of the techs stayed with us to watch her recovery. Within a very few minutes she was up and moving around as if nothing had happened. Dr Durkes came in and we discussed the neck wrap. He suggested that we make a removeable wrap and use it only during the day so that we can begin to wean her off of it.


The removable wrap was made with a heavy bath towel, measured to fit as the permanent wrap did, and folded several times to get the right thickness for support. Three strips of wide velcro were sewn on. The wrap was removed at night and then gradually during the day as well.

As I write this (May 1, 1999), it has been a month since the implants. Two weeks ago, I removed the neck wrap, but keep it on hand for long walks as the slow pace of a walk is more wearing on her at this point than careening around the yard.

Her strength and stability are increasing. I have come to watch her closely and notice the little things that she has begun to do again: lifting her leg to 'mark', standing on her hind legs to get a toy off my desk, initiating play with Mo and then not backing down, and jumping over a low bush that gets in her way as she is chasing those dreadful squirrels. Yes, she is improving, there's no question about that.

The last time we were in for a check-up, Dr C took her from me so he could walk her around and watch her movement. He walked back in the office with a big smile on his face and said, "She looks wonderful." He had taken her on 3different surfaces and she didn't slip or hesitate at all. She's on her way back.

The holistic vets in our area are watching her closely. What has worked for Sylvia may not work for every dog, but they feel that they now have another method of treatment to offer; one with which they have seen very positive results.

Where do we go from here? I don’t know. What goals do I have for her? None. I am setting no limits on what she can achieve. No limits.

On the following pages, you will find updates of Sylvia's progress through October, 2001. Please take time to read about her full recovery and feel free to ask questions.

Team Sylvia

Dr. Bill Connolly of Gwinnett Animal Hospital, Snellville, GA, who recommended surgery, but when I refused, picked up the ball and found someone who could address wobblers with an alternative solution. 770-972-0447

Dr Terry Durkes, Western Avenue Animal Hospital, Marion, IN who paved the way with his treatment of wobblers--implanted acupuncture beads and a neck wrap. His gentle hands and intuitive ways provided the final step in her healing process. 765-664-0734 Email: durkes1@mcleodusa.net Website: http://www.durkesanimalhospital.com/

Dr. Sandy Hedge of Briarcliff Animal Hospital, Atlanta, GA, Syl's conventional vet, who trains with us and knew that Sylvia's personality was not suited for conventional methods. 404-874-6393

Dr. Susan Wynn of Wynn Clinic for Theraputic Alternatives, Marietta, Ga, whose interest and support was greatly valued, along with her wonderful website. http://www.altvetmed.com/ 770-424-0303

A most heartfelt thank-you to Syl's team.

Any questions? Email Christy at: SylllySyl@aol.com

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