......is there an alternative to surgery?


A True Journey of Hope and Success.


Ahhhhh...resting comfortably. :-)


In the house, she could jump up onto the bed, wiggle under the covers, curl up in a chair and do all the normal things that she has always been able to do. She was even feeling a little more comfortable on the hardwood floors as time passed.

At no time was Sylvia's activity restricted. I was told to let her do the things she normally did. It was important that her muscle tone remain good. Normal activity for her is racing around a small yard, careening around shrubs and barking at the squirrels in the trees, daring them to come down.

On her own, she avoided playing with Mo, her companion in crime, as he is about 12 pounds heavier than her. As she became stronger and more sure of her ability to get out of his way, she began to initiate play again.

At no time was Syl in pain, the acupuncture was used for healing, not pain relief, although it can be extremely effective for this.


Sylvia was shaved from just below her ears to the top of her shoulders in order to have the gold beads implanted. They are implanted along each side of her neck in holes in the muscles, so as not to slip or move around.


(When she saw what had been done, she insisted on shopping for a wiglet.)


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