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Syl’s Diet

A True Journey of Hope and Success.


Sylvia’s Diet

Sylvia (and Mo) have been fed a raw/natural diet since Spring 1997, when I attended a Wendy Volhard seminar. While I certainly don't feel that her recovery from wobblers syndrome is due to this, I do feel it plays an important part, as well as some other things I have taken into consideration. My intention is to keep their immune system as healthy as possible and encourage their bodies to heal themselves whenever posssible. What I have listed below is the regime *I* feel is right for them. I am not advocating anything other than each person do their own research and in the end, do what you feel is right for your dog.


1 partially skinned chicken back (OR

1/2 large turkey neck)

1/4 cup canned pumpkin

2-3 tablespoons of ground flax seeds

3 tablespoons of plain yogurt or cottage cheese w/ live cultures

1 carrot



6 oz raw muscle meat (or one turkey neck)

1/4 baked sweet potato

1/2 cup vegetable puree (see below)

2-3 oz of raw organ meat two or three times a week

1 carrot for dessert

Syl's Supplements


1 cap of Cell Advance by Vetri-Science. Dr. Connolly suggested this anti-oxident as a supplement that he feels helps to strengthen connective tissues. 1000mgs of Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids.

1 tab of phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride as she is slightly incontinent--I was able to discontinue this when I took grains out of her diet, but when she went back into training, my homemade treats have some grains and I went back to using PPA but did not return to feeding oatmeal for breakfast.


1000 mgs of Vit C with Bioflavinoids

1 cap of Vit E (400)

1 fish oil cap

1 cap of lecithin (400)


1 glucosomine/chondroitin

In additon to supplements, Sylvia was also given various flower essences according to her needs, which changed during the healing process. Good nutrition addressed her physical needs, while the essences addressed the energy/spirit body.

Any questions, feel free to write: SylllySyl@aol.com

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